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Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with 2+ years of experience in both backend and frontend software design using Python, NodeJS, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and other related technologies.

  • Birthday: 27th of Feb
  • Email: lovedayperfection1@gmail.com
  • Phone: +234 805 6304 903
  • Location: Nigeria
  • Alias: Samperfect
  • Degree: Bachelors (ongoing)
  • Work Status: Available

As a frontend and backend software engineer, I know the workings of the web and can, with this knowledge, create powerful applications backed with remarkable user experiences. I'm also able to develop backend servers for both web, mobile, and desktop applications that all communicate with each other through powerful APIs built on the RESTful API development architecture.






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Interests & Hobbies

Programming 100%
Web Surfing 90%
Studying 75%
Gaming 80%
Movies & Series 90%
Outings 55%


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Perfection Loveday

I am a software engineer with 2+ years of experience in both backend and frontend software design using Python, NodeJS, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and other related technologies.

  • FUTA South Gate, IGEM Street, Ondo, 240252
  • +234 805 6304 903
  • lovedayperfection1@gmail.com


Bachelor of technology, Physics

2017 - Present

Federal University of Technology Akure, NG

Currently studying applied physcis in the area of energy and electronics. With more focus on combining software with hardware to solve energy related solutions.

High School Degree

2013 - 2016

Success For All High School, NG

Completed every necessary requirement for the 0'level degree certificate in accordance with WAEC's (West African Examination Council) requirements. Studied courses included Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics...

Professional Experience

Software Engineer and Instructor

Jul 2021 - Present

Cholatrek Training Institute

  • Trained 4 students in the art of backend engineering with NodeJS starting from the basics of JavaScript.
  • Crafted a curriculum, notes, source codes, along with video recordings to aid in the physical training of the students during the course of learning and after.
  • Transitioned to a Software Engineer and singly developed the backend infrastructure of the, currently being built, Cholatrek eLearning environment (Udacity for Africa).
  • Single-handedly built a Udacity-like eLearning infrastructure from scratch with features like free (YouTube-like) lessons, crash (Udemy-like) courses, and expert-led (Udacity-like) courses, without anyone else contributing on the backend.
  • Made contributions as regards, design, aesthetics, and development patterns.

Backend Engineer

Jul 2021 - Sep 2021


  • Contributed to the development and engineering of the NodeJS-based API powering the Isheda e-commerce platform.
  • Contributed to the frontend React code to help supplement the circumstantial unavailability of the frontend engineer.
  • Gained collaborative experience as I was able to work remotely with others in making the project a success.
  • Gained advance experience in building complex applications that can scale both horizontally and vertically when needed.
  • Was able to learn a little more about React while improving on my knowledge of frontend user experience in general.

Backend Engineer

Feb 2021 - Present


  • Developed and engineered the API that was needed to build the Travella mobile app.
  • Conducted research on suitable technologies that will allow for flexibility while minimizing cost for the startup.
  • Handled the hosting and management of the PostgreSQL database connected with the Travella server.
  • Integrated Paystack for payment, managed user payment info, and implemented wallets to keep track of users' earnings./li>

Project Manager

Jan 2021 - Aug 2021

Veehue Labs, NG

  • Established Veehue Labs, together with a few friends as, as a business accelerator startup geared towards helping businesses grow.
  • Recommended and consulted with clients on making decisions about the most appropriate solution for their business.
  • Oversaw a team of 5 and delegated projects to everyone on the team while ensuring an effective and fun workflow.

Freelance E-commerce Developer

Sep 2017 - Dec 2020

Fiverr, Tel Aviv

  • Handled the creation of e-commerce stores for businesses using platforms like Shopify and Wordpress.
  • Managed different projects at a time without compromising on the perfection of any.
  • Made custom changes by modifying the source code of both Shopify and Wordpress to suit clients' requirements.
  • Ensured that each business stands out great by creating a store design that rhymes with each business' identity.

Skills & Services

My Skills & Services ⚙🛠

Frontend Development

By leveraging on my proficient knowledge of HTML, CSS, and modern JavaScript, I can build intuitive frontend interfaces with amazing user experiences.

Backend Engineering

With a solid grasp of Python and NodeJs I'm able to work the backend logic of any application like magic and turn ordinary webpages into web apps.

API Development

Need to make an app with a web-based server? My knowledge of RESTful APIs development is sufficient enough to make that happen.

Frontend and Backend Optimzation

Nobody likes it slow... So, let's add a programming equavalent of NO2 gas into your frontend or backend logic and make it go fast... 🛫🛫🛫

Database Management

From Relational to Object-based, I've got a quite intermediate knowledge of databases and I can help you manage them.

Plugins and Extensions Development

Hmmm... I smell exotic. I guess you're looking to make your app a little more sophisticating, right? Well, you're in for a treat cos I've got the juice to make that happen.


See My Skills In Action 🎬

  • All
  • Frontend
  • Web App
  • API
  • SDK

Paytag - Crypto-powered Cross-border Remittance

Web App

Clink - Linkup with Oldtime Ajuwaya!


Nodemailing - Send Emails With JavaScript


Travella - Peer-to-Peer Delivery


Medicio - EHR With Attribute-Based Access Control

Web App

StoriShare - Story Sharing App

Web App

Abbrefy - Powerful URL Shortener

Web App || API

Web Vulnerability Scanner

Web App

Samperfect - My Portfolio


Kreativel - Single Page Website


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FUTA South Gate, IGEM Street, Ondo, 240252

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